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1oz Gold Queen’s Beast Full Set Of 10 Investment Bundle



YEAR 2016 – 2021
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Invest in royal heritage. The Queen’s Beasts are ten legendary creatures who symbolise the historic ancestry of Her Majesty The Queen. As a set of ten statues, each bearing the shield or crest of the family they represented, they stood guard outside Westminster Abbey in 1953 as the world watched Her Majesty’s coronation. As The Queen’s Beasts Collection, their mythical stories have been reimagined for the twenty-first century in a series of ten popular coin designs by the celebrated designer Jody Clark.

Now, the collection draws to a close, with the final design in the series featuring all ten beasts arranged in a protective circle around The Queen. It is the only coin in the collection to unite all ten beasts with the monarch whose heritage they represent in one unique design.

  1. The Lion of England: The first coin in the series features the Lion of England, a symbol of courage and strength. It was released in 2016.
  2. The Griffin of Edward III: The second coin in the series features the Griffin of Edward III, a mythical creature with the head of an eagle and the body of a lion. It was released in 2017.
  3. The Red Dragon of Wales: The third coin in the series features the Red Dragon of Wales, a fierce dragon symbolizing power and strength. It was released in 2017.
  4. The Unicorn of Scotland: The fourth coin in the series features the Unicorn of Scotland, a mythical creature known for its purity and grace. It was released in 2018.
  5. The Black Bull of Clarence: The fifth coin in the series features the Black Bull of Clarence, a symbol of strength and power. It was released in 2018.
  6. The Falcon of the Plantagenets: The sixth coin in the series features the Falcon of the Plantagenets, a bird of prey representing loyalty and bravery. It was released in 2019.
  7. The Yale of Beaufort: The seventh coin in the series features the Yale of Beaufort, a mythical creature with the body of an antelope and the horns of a goat. It was released in 2019.
  8. The White Lion of Mortimer: The eighth coin in the series features the White Lion of Mortimer, a symbol of courage and loyalty. It was released in 2020.
  9. The White Horse of Hanover: The ninth coin in the series features the White Horse of Hanover, a powerful symbol of victory and triumph. It was released in 2020.
  10. The Greyhound Of Richmond: The final coin in the prestigious series and features the Greyhound of Richmond. The White Greyhound comes to the Queen as the badge of John of Gaunt, the Duke of Lancaster and Earl of Richmond, who was the father of Henry IV.

Collection comes with custom box, hand finished and available for immediate delivery.

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sanjay Pattni – 1 review GB

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
16 Nov 2021

Great honest advice

Great honest advice. I have used Bullion House over the past year and have found them to be professional and polite.

Small purchase arrived super quick

I ordered something small through the website as I was hesitant to make a big purchase as I haven’t used this company before, but the price was good for what I wanted so I thought I would try it out. The order arrived safely. They took the time to answer any questions I had, which I appreciated. I would definitely purchase from them again.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Robert was great

Robert was great. The service was first class. They managed to find an elusive coin for me within a few weeks. Delivery of coins is fast and secure. Would definitely recommend.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Bullion House are just super to deal with.

I just wanted to say that the guys at Bullion House are easy to deal with, informed, and very helpful. So, I am very, very pleased. Their service delivery blew me away. I recently ordered some Sovereigns which I expected to take a few days to arrive but the very next morning they turned up, not bad for pm order.

I will of course continue to rely on them for my bullion investments.

First purchase from this dealer

First purchase from this dealer. Coin arrived promptly in good condition with a follow-up phone call to make sure all was well and to chat about my interests/ investment aims. Would happily use again

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