Bullion House has built a reputation over the years for providing customers with the best quality precious metals from the worlds best Refiners. The strong relationships with Mints around the world & Refiners has mean’t customers get the best prices and highest quality products on the market. Bullion house continues to grow and establish further relationships with Gold specialists who share the same ethos and vision. Precious Metals are precious for a reason and helping customers understand the importance of buying from a refutable source is imbedded within the companies principles. Whether you buy Gold, Silver or Platinum Bullion House aims to provide an unmatched service whilst educating clients about the market. Whether you are a collector or investor knowing the journey your product has taken from start to finish is extremely important. Bullion House take customers from start to finish to ensure they are well informed throughout the process and get involved on their terms.


Bullion House have been an authorised dealer of the Professional Coin Grading Service since inception. As coin collecting gained momentum during the early 1900s, the condition of a coin, along with its rarity, essentially determined its value as is the case today. And over the years, coin grading evolved to a system of finer and finer grade distinctions. The problem was the often subjective assignment of "grades" by different coin dealers.

When the rare coin market was limited to a small number of numismatists trading with each other, three broad definitions were enough to determine grade: "Good" – a coin with most of the detail intact; "Fine" – a coin with clear detail and some luster on its surfaces; and "Uncirculated" – a coin which had never been in general circulation and therefore retained its Mint State condition.

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London Chamber Of Commerce

London Chamber of commerce is the largest independent business network in the U.K. As Bullion House continues to navigate through this transitional period between the U.K and Europe the chamber offers highly relevant support, connections, data and market news. All reputable precious metal dealers are required and obligated to be transparent in all departments starting with premiums and risk surrounding physical precious metal investing. We will endeavour to keep this mandate in line with LLC policies and expectations for members.

Amazon Seller

Bullion House is an authorised and verified Seller on Amazon market place. Amazon buyer protection and Bullion Houses' direct service enables customers to buy precious metals in a safe and secure way.

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