If you are considering investing in gold at Bullion House, our top five best-selling gold items are the ideal place to start


1. Gold Britannia (1oz coin)

Gold Britannia coins are bestsellers thanks to their CGT-free status, providing the flexibility of a smaller amount of gold. These 1oz coins are an excellent larger investment, with 22 to 24-carat gold and no tax to maximize possible investment.

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2. Gold Sovereign

Gold Sovereign coins have many of the benefits of the Britannia, with a lower cost that makes them ideal for first-time investors and a range of circumstances. These are also exempt from CGT and VAT, with 22-carat gold. Like a coin, the Sovereign is both flexible and practical to store, sell, or trade.

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3. Gold Britannia Proof 1987

NGC & PCGS coins offer customers the highest proof of authenticity on the market and high-grade Proof Britannia’s are seen by collectors as a stable and highly sought after coin. Limited in supply and auctioned around the world to collectors and investors alike. A beautiful example of a Proof 1987 one-ounce gold Britannia coin.

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4. Krugerrand (1oz coin)

The Krugerrand is a good solution if you’d like to invest in international bullion. This South African Mint coin is 22-carat gold and practical and flexible to buy, sell and store. However, you will need to pay CGT if you are planning to make a sizeable investment.

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5. Gold bar (1oz)

As a small-scale, flexible investment, 1oz gold bars are the best of both worlds. They are flexible like a coin and more affordable while retaining that same 24-carat gold. If you like the idea of mixing large and small units for greater versatility, a 1oz bar is a good solution.

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