Are you planning to invest in silver?

Here are our top five best-selling silver bullion investments at Bullion House


1. Silver Britannia (1oz coin)

Much like its gold cousin, the silver Britannia manufactured by the Royal Mint is highly prized by investors. With 99.99% purity post-2013, this is one of the few silver coins exempt from CGT. However, you will need to account for VAT in your purchase.

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2. Silver bar (1kg)

This versatile bullion is a top choice for small and large investors, with a relatively easy to afford value that makes it a strong entry point into buying bullion online. 1kg silver bars are a good choice for those looking to diversify from gold or other investments.

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3. Silver bar (5kg)

This popular, large-scale investment is common amongst seasoned silver investors. While less flexibility is offered, in combination with smaller units with 99.99% pure bar can be a good choice for long-term investments that are likely to be stored for years at a time.

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4. Silver Maple (1oz coin)

An international alternative, the Silver Maple is produced by the Royal Canadian Mint with 99.99% purity. These recognisable coins offer small and first-time investors flexibility and a taste of the silver market. Both CGT and VAT applies to these coins.

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5. Krugerrand (1oz coin)

This South African coin has seen increased popularity in recent years amongst small and first-time investors and investors looking to diversify from gold. This annually issued coin from the Rand Refinery is a strong choice for those dabbling in buying silver on a casual level.

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