There are many different options out there for keen investors and innovative buyers. But while ISAs aren’t delivering what they once did and rental income is far less lucrative, gold remains a stable and reliable investment you can trust in. Whether you want to avoid the turbulent nature of the stock market or you’re looking for something more reliable than crypto, gold is a good investment for you.

What makes gold a good investment?

Gold has historical significance as one of the most reliable forms of investment to build wealth for thousands of years. While you may think that makes gold investment something that’s firmly relegated to the past, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Gold is a limited resource and based on recent data is becoming more and more scarce as mining becomes more costly.

You don’t just get an in-person reminder of your investment when you own physical gold. You also mitigate the risks and potential loss of less tangible assets, preventing the potential for third-party risk, hacking, or any other issue with your investments.

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Buy the gold UK with Bullion House

Does gold sound like the right investment for you? With continued increases in value and cost, physical gold can provide the perfect long-term investment that defies economic and financial crises. At Bullion House, we make it easy to buy and sell gold online. Sign up today to buy bullion in the UK. (check out the price of 100g gold bar)

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Gold bars vs. gold coins

When you buy bullion in the UK from Bullion House, you have the choice of either bullion bars or bullion coins to invest in. While there is no single answer to which is best for you, it’s worth considering the different factors influencing your investment.


Should I pick bars or coins?

Whether you choose coins or bars will depend on your exact goals and requirements for your investment.

Here are some factors that can affect your investment depending on which kind of gold bullion you buy


Upfront premiums

A premium is a price you pay on top of the value of the gold you buy. As a reputable bullion dealer, we keep charges to a minimum, but premiums will apply to your investment. Typically, gold or silver bars attract a smaller premium than you would pay compared to coins. This reduced rate is because of lower manufacturing costs and requirements.


Capital gains tax

If you buy gold in the UK, you won’t be required to pay VAT on your purchase. However, this doesn’t mean you won’t have to cover other taxes. Gold coins produced by the Royal Mint are legal tender in the UK and, therefore, exempt from CGT. This exemption does not apply to non-UK coins.



On a physical level, the size of the bars and the value of the coins you purchase can directly impact which investment is suitable for you. If you own a 1-kilo gold bar, you cannot split that into smaller amounts to sell off a portion. By contrast, you could sell several of a selection of coins to access cash when you need it.


Investment size

If you are a smaller investor or new to investing, you should consider both coins and bars to decide which is best for you. The same applies to silver, and it’s not always the case that coins provide the ideal choice for you. Instead, focus on the premiums of the bullion you buy instead of what each item is.

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If you have limited storage, this should be a consideration for your investment. For example, a single gold bar takes up less space than dozens of coins. If you have a deposit box, you will want to choose an investment that fits neatly into that space to save you from additional costs.


Are you ready to invest? Whether you like the idea of trying to buy gold UK or you want to explore the market for coins and bars, Bullion House is the place to start.

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