Same day bank transfer for your gold, coins, and unwanted gold jewellery. We offer over 100% spot price for PCGS & NGC Gold Coins.

We pay the best prices and we aim to pay customer within 24 hours of us receiving your package.

  • Same Day Payment
  • Operating UK Wide
  • Price Matching Guarantee

    Where can we send your pack?

    As Seen On TV | Easy Return | Same Day Valuation

    1.Request your free secure gold pack today

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    3.Post your gold to us ASAP. It’s 100% Free

    4.We pay you next day by transfer or Cheque

    Turn Your Unwanted Gold Into Cash, Fast

    What We Buy

    • Gold Coins
    • Rings
    • Earrings
    • Brooches
    • Necklaces
    • Chains
    • Bracelets

    What We Do Not Buy

    • Watches
    • Copper Coins
    • Fashion or Costume Jewellery
    • Charm Bracelets
    • Rolled Gold or Gold-Plated Items

      Where can we send your pack?


      Our Methods Of Testing

      Once your items have been received at our North Greenwich office, they may be tested using our in house Precious Metal equipment. 

      I Am Unsure If My Items Have Value. Can I Send these?

      If you are unsure about what carat your items are, don’t worry our sophisticated testing methods will be able to accurately identify the carat. 

      We will be able to inform you of the value that we are willing to pay for the items once tested.

      We do not accept a Royal Mail Post Office receipt as proof of weight, as their scales are highly inaccurate.

      Do You Buy All Types Of Metals?

      Other than Gold, we also purchase Silver, Platinum and Palladium scrap or jewellery.

      I Have A Coin In A Mount. Do You Accept These?

      If your coin is mounted in a gold mount you will be paid for the value coin plus the value of the gold that the coin is mounted to.

      Can I Have My Stones Returned?

      Unfortunately, we are not able to return any stones that are left in your items. If you would like to keep any stones please remove these before sending your items to us.

      BH International Ltd will not be held responsible for any of the stones that you fail to remove from your items. If you would like to keep your stones, these must be removed before the items are sent to us, as stone removal is not a service we offer.