Gold has been an invaluable and steady part of many investors’ portfolios for centuries. Gold bullion is an excellent choice for anyone concerned about weathering economic turbulence and ensuring their future wealth as a resource that provides a unique haven for investors.

Throughout history, the use of gold as an asset has been a powerful way to preserve and gain wealth. In modern times little has changed. With gold reaching an all-time high in August of 2020, shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic, now is a better time than ever to invest in this unique and timeless asset.

How do I buy gold today?

Our highly trained and educated team at Bullion House can support buying gold in the UK. As seasoned experts, we can help you make suitable investments and achieve the best possible result for your money. Buying gold no longer requires you to travel, do on-the-ground research or connect with local dealers.

When you buy bullion online in the UK, you want to ensure you pick a service that’s trustworthy, reliable, and professional. Bullion House ticks all the boxes, and we are the ideal UK gold broker for physical gold that stands the test of time.


Why invest in gold?

You may be wondering whether gold is the best investment for you. Unlike crypto, NFTs, and digital trading, gold has the reliability and permanence that digital assets simply cannot provide. Gold is a popular choice for investment because it weathers all kinds of economic uncertainty and instability. As an asset you can hold in your hands, gold is an investment that preserves wealth and provides excellent returns year on year.


Physical gold vs ETFs: what’s the difference?

If you want to buy gold, you may have considered both gold bullion and ‘electronic gold’, known as ETF. If you want to build your wealth and have a solid investment, we’d always recommend choosing the option that provides complete, real-world ownership. Purchasing real gold allows you to avoid all the concerns related to interest rates, volatility on the stock market, and even digital theft.


When should I invest in gold?

Knowing when to invest in gold is vital for learning how to buy gold correctly. While there’s no set rule as to when you, specifically, should invest in gold, there are plenty of strategies out there that prove to be effective. As a stable option compared to many other investments, now is an excellent time to buy gold if you have the money to invest.


Where should I store my gold after purchase?

Once you’ve purchased gold online at Bullion House, the next step is providing safe storage. People have been safely storing gold bullion for hundreds of years, whether your preference is allocated storage, a safe in your home, or a safety deposit box in your bank. You know the best and safest way to store gold for your specific investments, but there’s no rule you need to follow.


How do I buy gold at Bullion House?

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