How does delivery work?

If you choose to take delivery yourself, Bullion House will notify you of the intended delivery date and provide you with a tracking number. Your order will be fully insured and arrive in discreet packaging. If your items are being shipped to a secure storage facility you will be notified once delivery has taken place.

Why am I paying more than the spot price?

The current global market value or ‘spot price’ is given in troy ounces and is based on contracts between members of the London Bullion Market at which bars weigh 12.5kg each! Unfortunately, this price doesn’t include additional costs of producing and testing smaller bars, along with brokerage fees, transportation, storage or insurance.

How do I know the gold is real?

All bullion bars sold by Bullion House are manufactured by LBMA approved refiners and are sealed in tamper proof packaging direct from the refiner. All bars are brand new and are 24kt and like many coins will carry a fineness mark indicating the purity of the gold.

Do I get a certificate with my purchase?

Bullion House only sells coins from the world’s leading mints, however loose bullion coins do not come with a certificate from the manufacturer. This is why many investors will choose to buy graded coins that are certified and guarantee authenticity.

Can I sell my gold to you?

Bullion House will offer a competitive live bid price for any bullion bars and coins.

Can I store my gold with you?

Yes, we can currently offer to store your precious metals with one of our recommended third party fully insured storage vaults at a small yearly fee. Alternatively we can supply you with a range of home storage options from small discrete storage containers to the highest certified home installed safes and vaults.