While ISA’s and gold share several benefits when it comes to Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax, ISA’s and gold have shown quite a difference for their investors. Whilst low interest rates and rises in inflation having continued to hurt savings accounts like ISA’s, political uncertainty and economic volatility have caused an increase in the demand for gold along with it’s value.

Gold is an asset that has consistently been used as a safe haven in the event of recessions and other economic uncertainty by providing a hedge against inflation. Even governments use this as a way of safeguarding their national reserves in the event of turbulence, with recent years showing central bank buying at its highest in over 50 years.

Gold is frequently used as a way of storing wealth outside of the banks offering its owner greater control over their money with no reliance on banks or other financial institutions. With physical ownership of gold bullion, investors have flexibility to buy and sell at any time of their choosing, with no fixed time frame or annual limit that comes with an ISA.

“If you don‘t hold it, you don‘t own it“

While savers turn to ISA’s for their tax efficiency, gold equally offers UK investors tax free investment options. All Investment gold bullion is VAT free (since 2000 in the UK and Europe) while British legal tender coins also make the investment exempt from capital gains tax. Given that there is no limit on gold, customers can invest much larger funds into gold bullion to take advantage of a favourable market when they choose.

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Gold has stood the test of time and continues to attact investors small and large. A safe haven commodity which is still just as popular today as it was 2000 years ago.

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