It is a question people have been asking for centuries yet more and more people are still turning to the oldest answer: “GOLD.”

In order to know if gold is a good investment for you, it is important to understand why people buy gold and how it benefits them.

For centuries gold has been seen as a timeless asset and still today a world-renowned safe haven with savvy investors understanding the importance of gold in a well-balanced portfolio. In addition to gold acting as the ultimate insurance and protection against turbulent economic times, history has demonstrated gold’s ability to outperform most other investments and truly provide a successful preservation of wealth.

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Image Source: The Pure Gold Company

Gold has shown a significantly higher returns across all the shown currencies compared with investing in any of the stock markets across the globe. Gold, like many investment options showing fluctuations over the short term, but as a medium to long term investment is considered an extremely safe investment option.

The most recent ‘Gold Demand Trends’ statistics from the World Gold Council 2017 stated that global gold bar and coin investments reached a 4-year high in 2016. However unlike previous times of high demand investors have shied away from paper gold and the demand for gold bars and coins has surged to an all-time high, highlighting the importance of physical gold to consumers. With unprecedented consumer demand for the precious metal and a comparably low gold price to previous upward trends, could this be the ideal time for you to buy physical gold?

With confidence in the banking system and worldwide economy at an all-time low, underperforming currency markets, low interest rates, volatile stocks and repeated rounds of printing money, buying gold makes more sense than other assets.

Like many people, having ultimate control over your money not matter what may perhaps be more important than anything. Owning physical gold allows you to have full ownership of your investment meaning you can hold your gold at home or in secure storage but importantly giving you true control over your wealth, instead of trusting third parties and handing your money over to a fund manager, or even leaving it in the bank. As the old saying goes, if you don’t hold it, you don’t own it.

So with both consumers and Central Banks in many of the world’s most powerful economies currently buying unparalleled amounts of the precious metal, has there ever been a better time to buy gold?

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